Pita or pitta is a soft, slightly leavened flatbread baked from wheat flour. It is used in many Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisines and resembles other slightly leavened flatbreads such as Iranian nan-e barbari, South Asian flatbreads and Central Asian naan, and pizza crust.
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Lucy Anna Flowers is a vibrant florist stall set in the beautiful glass arcade of bustling St Nicholas Market, Bristol. I make daily trips to the flower markets, always trying to source the best quality flowers, locally and seasonally where possible.
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We opened our first juice bar in the summer of 2001. Bristol needed a really decent health-centric juice bar. Understanding the importance of juicing, we wanted to provide not only a place to serve healthy, totally pure, unadulterated fresh fruit and vegetable juice but also a place to be the soundi
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Good English and British food is underrated, overlooked and sadly not fashionable today. That's a great pity because we believe that English and British food is the very best in the world. It will outlast any of the fads that come and go as trends dictate.
If you haven't been to Portuguese Taste and are in need of a good feed, check it out you won't be disappointed. Perfect comfort food for dipping temperatures. St Nicks triumphs once again.